Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Noses and Profiles

I have been thinking about beautiful noses a lot lately because of my own not so beautiful nose. Honestly, I know very few people who like their noses. I also know very few people whose noses I like. Movie stars, however, being blessed creatures, have generally perfect noses and even better profiles. Observe the following pictures (of actresses mostly--men have more leeway with what could be considered an attractive nose). Then, with a hand mirror and a hanging one, take a look at your own profile. That is the only way you can really see it (besides a camera) and if you haven't done so before, chances are you will be alarmed. I was.

Grace Kelly

Not fair, is it? Peter Lamas once remarked that Grace looked just as beautiful from the side as she did from the front. He was right.

Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra

The fact that Ava's dinner partner (and husband) is Frank Sinatra immediately excludes this one from the "fair" category.

Natalie Wood

Too bad the things I would do for that face aren't legal.

Rita Hayworth and Gene Kelly

Perfect, perfect, perfect! Darn them.

Audrey Hepburn

Apparently, Audrey Hepburn was insecure about her nose, but it was pretty good relatively. A bump shows up in some pictures, but it never detracted from the way she looked.

Vivien Leigh

Too bad the only thing that wasn't perfect about this lady was her life.

Sarah of Cinema Splendor did a post about profiles once too so you might want to check that out as well.

Last of all, not a profile, but is this beautiful or what?


Earplugs said...

Beautiful photos. I don't give my nose much thought. It might be a little big, but it's still mine. Good enough to stop and smell the roses!

Anonymous said...

sorry to tell you this but that isn't vivien leigh in the last photo. that's hedy lamarr :) you don't no your actresses very well. but that's ok cause thay look alike but of course vivien leigh is prettier