Tuesday, June 30, 2009

10 Random Facts About Me

1. I once married an inflatable clown punching bag. Not legally, however. I was about five, he was about the same but in months, and the sister who was making me go through with the whole thing was about thirteen. Oh yes, I walked down the aisle and kissed him and have managed to live happily ever after because he died shortly thereafter.

2. I have eight cats. And a closet full of clothes covered with cat hair.

3. More people than I can count have told me I reminded them of an old lady.

4. I never went to kindergarten. My mother thought five was too young to go to school so she homeschooled me for a year instead.

5. My sister's nickname for me is Fluffy. My brother calls me Weasel. My other sister tried briefly to nickname me Psychobabble, but it never stuck.

6. I'm crazy about etiquette. My manners are far from perfect, but I love improving them. Which is good, because with the improving I've got to do, I'll probably be at it for a long, long time.

7. I skipped fifth grade. Not because I'm smart, but because the school I moved to was (is) so bad. I keep trying to wheedle my parents into changing schools, but with no success.

8. My family teases me about the way I mispronounce words and mix up phrases (like you, Millie). For the longest time, I was convinced "devasted" was a real word and I once announced that something was an "old man's wife" as opposed to an "old wives' tale".

9. Because of a scar I have on my forehead (it's hardly noticeable), I went through a phase of telling my family I was Harriet Potter.

10. I'm a vegetarian, simply because I think meat is unappetizing and slightly repulsive. I feel that way because my parents are pesco-vegetarians so I never ate meat growing up. I'm in favor of animal welfare, but not animal rights.

Thanks to Millie for tagging me!


Millie said...

Hahaha, Merriam this is amazing!

Inflatable clown punching bag? That made me laugh.

You're not like an old lady! You can be assured of that!


"Old man's wife"...I love it! I'm totally gonna use it!

Vegetarian is good. My sister was a vegetarian for several years (until she lived with a group of girls in England for a year, she was forced to eat meat there).

Great and funny post, Merriam!!!


Merriam said...

Thank you Millie! I appreciate the old lady denial. When people old enough to be your parents tell you you look like their grandmother, one does get discouraged.

Lol, you don't deny the Psychobabble bit!