Tuesday, June 9, 2009

180 Tag and a Short Update

Yes, I'm still here. No kidding. I've just been busy lately so blogging has temporarily become less of a priority.

Anyway, in regards to the 180 tag, I can get around to answering it now since my Algebra II exam is over and "180" is no longer a very dirty word. There is not really anyone I have 180-ed on, but there are a few that could somewhat qualify. Ava Gardner I used to think was rather unattractive, as well as somehow grape-like, but then I went through a strange phase where I wanted to be just like her, etc. etc. Then I started reading her autobiography online. I never finished it, though I started it twice, because I would get rather sick of her about the time her marriage to Frank Sinatra broke up. After watching a couple of her movies, I'm back to not caring one way or the other about her. Only now I'm not sure if it's an olive or a grape she reminds me of.

Esther Williams is a true 180, except the positive side didn't last more than a couple days back when I was in eighth grade. How many people like Esther Williams after they read her autobiography? Or just the reviews of it? I'm not one of them.

That's about it, although there are a few more mentionable changes of opinion. I used to think Natalie Wood was rather unattractive (tsk, tsk) and I also used to be in love with James Dean, but for some reason I don't think he's very good looking anymore, aside from his jaw (especially from profile! it's dreamy). And I also used to think Montgomery Clift was just horrible looking. Well, I certainly don't anymore. Maybe someday I'll 180 on Clark Gable and finally figure out what people see in him. But it doesn't seem at all likely.

Thanks for tagging me Millie!


Millie said...

NO! Ava does not look like a grape, nor an olive!

YES! I hate Esther too...well maybe hate's a strong word...

YES! Nat is amazing!

NO, NO, NO, NO! How can you say that about James? Is this because he dumped you?

Montgomery?!?!?! Ewwww.....

You need to 180 on Clark! Just watch It Happened One Night! Or Teacher's Pet. Those are my two favoritest Clark's!

Merriam said...

Ava may not look very much like either an olive or a grape, but they seem to give off the same atmosphere. It has nothing to do with Jimmy dumping me; it was about that time I suddenly stopped "getting it" about him. I stopped understanding why so many people thought he was so good looking. Maybe if I get to watch East of Eden again I'll see it again.

And Monty is just adorable! At least his ears don't make him look like a loving cup!

Millie said...

Oh, this is WAR!!!!!!!!

Have you seen her in Mogambo?

I'm SUUUURE! James not drop-dead gorgeous?!?!?! I don't understand! You do need to watch EOE again...then you will 180 back!

Monty is not adorable. He is ugly. Sorry, but it's true.

What?!!? Do you have something against Mr. Dean's ears?

Merriam said...

Millie honey, it's been war for a long, long time. And yeah, I've seen Mogambo. There is a photoshoot or her's that really shows the oliveness, but I think I should not get into that.

Lol, I meant Clark Gable's ears! From the side, Jimmy is possibly drop-dead gorgeous...but...the side isn't everything.

Millie said...

Oh, yeah, I forgot. We have been warring for a long time.

Then you should watch The Barefoot Contessa or Show Boat!

If you are referring to the red shirt/big hat one...I will kill you (no not really...hmm...).

Oh, I see, yes, Clark's ears can be a bit of a prob.

James is just as gorgeous from the front:

BTW, I have once again put you on restriction. No looking at any James Dean film, not even the Pepsi commercials!

Merriam said...

Oh my, if you put me on restriction, that means I can't do a single thing you don't want me to. Oh dear! *wail*

What the heck gives you the right to put me on restriction when I can't do the same thing right back? Or can I...? (I'm not asking you) In which case, I now instruct you to watch either The Big Lift, A Place in the Sun, or any pre-accident Monty movie you haven't seen. I want it done by Tuesday night. Tardiness will be rewarded with a cyber slap across the knuckles with a ruler. Thank you for your obedience and happy watching.

Millie said...

You should be crying!

Heck, I'll watch it if I feel like it. ;-D

I have never seen A Place In The Sun (I know SHOCK), so maybe I will check that out. Yep, another movie where Montgomery plays a horrible person....

I haven't trusted him since he broke poor Olivia's heart in The Heiress...

Merriam said...

I should be crying? Oh. I'm not.

I don't recommend A Place in the Sun though because it's such a downbeat movie. I haven't seen The Heiress. Is it any good? And don't worry, (though I'm sure you're not) my mother also happens to think Montgomery Clift is decidedly ugly and wimpy.

Millie said...

Well, I'm still gonna watch it. It is classic after all.

The Heiress is FANTABULOUS! Olivia is decidedly amazing (won an Oscar). Montgomery does well in his role (the biggest jerk ever). And Ralph Richardson is positively creepy. Also, there's Miriam Hopkins...playing the aunt (I swear she always plays an aunt!)

You HAVE to see it. Olivia's role ranks as one of my favorite female characters ever and the final scene is so gratifying....

Yay for your MOM!

The first film I ever saw him in was Red River (when I was about seven). I didn't even like him then. I found it amazing that anyone would dare to stand up to John Wayne. Especially someone as weak and wimpy as Montgomery....;-D

hana-bi. said...

There's nothing wrong with Clark's ears. ;__; They're part of his ~image~. Like teh Gablestache. XD

It's good to hear you like Monty now, Merriam! You're so right, he's the most adorable thing! :D *glares at Millie*

But "A Place in the Sun" is terribly cliche and predictable. Or so I thought when I watched it. :|

I'm bad at being neutral in this war. XD