Saturday, August 29, 2009


In my opinion, eyes are what makes people pretty or not. If you haven't got decent eyes, nothing else particularly matters, and if you do, they can save a face. In a couple days, I am putting up a poll about the prettiest eyes in Hollywood, so here they are in pictorial view--here are the people with the most commonly praised eyes.
Starting it off with Ol' Blue Eyes'll be stiff competition.

This is Vivien Leigh. No comment necessary.

Please Millie...don't say anything. At least not anything like what your thinking. The exact opposite, would, in fact, be very welcome, but yeah, you are, um, you, and that says it all right there. The rest of the world can appreciate Montgomery Clift's gorgeous eyes.

Believe me, oh yes, believe me, someday you will all pay for having different opinions than me and making me dedicate a post about eyes to more than one person! It's ridiculous, absolutely. As payback I shall post a complete pic spam of Natalie Wood pictures very soon for no visible reason whatsoever. Maybe that will heal my damaged psyche. If it doesn't, I'll just have to do it again. I sure hope it doesn't.

Nobody seems to appreciate Marilyn's eyes. They were huge! They were bigger than Audrey Hepburn's and such a gorgeous blue!

Undeniably, Liz Taylor's eyes are as beautiful as they have been given credit for. (They may not be violet, but whatever.) Every now and then, however, I think she should have parked her eyeliner.

Ava Gardner's eyes were underappreciated, methinks, perhaps because she fell out of favor when heavy eye makeup fell into it. I highly doubt Audrey Hepburn would be famous today if it weren't for the sixties.

These are maybe some of the most famous eyes ever. If I have to tell you whose they are, get out from under your rock immediately. Look in the nearest shop window! That outta tell you. And no, it isn't a good thing. Pray that other great performers don't get de-humanized the same way.

So, Paul Newman's face doesn't need at all...but we are going to try not (repeat: not) to resent certain people who stayed married to this perfect face for fifty years. We will not, we will not, we will not, we will not...


Kate Gabrielle said...

I actually don't know who I'd vote for! You really picked great pictures to showcase the eyes-- that middle one of Natalie Wood with the heavy mascara on her bottom lashes is great, I wish I could do that to my eyes!

Millie said...

Darn! You knew exactly what I was gonna say about Montgomery...I guess it is better just left unsaid (well not better, but if that's the way you want it...;-D)

And please don't start getting in that murderous mood again about Joanne....

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos and lovely post.

I miss your sharp wit and this delightful little corner of blogspot.

Amanda Cooper said...

I think I want to be resentful....

javieth said...

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Charlotte said...

Natalie Wood actually has strip eyelashes on top AND bottom in that photo. It's a trick I first noticed on Twiggy in 67.