Monday, August 17, 2009

Poll Results: Funniest Comedy

A long, long time ago I opened a poll about funniest movies. I am about to change it, so here are the results.

Tied with zero votes:
The Philadelphia Story
Dr. Strangelove
My Man Godfrey

Tied with one vote:
Arsenic and Old Lace
The Seven Year Itch
The Women

Tied for second place with two votes each:
Some Like it Hot (I never did see what was so hilarious about this)
His Girl Friday

The Winner....

Bringing Up Baby, with three votes. This is the one I voted for....and it deserves it!!


Millie said...

My vote was for His Girl Friday (my favorite comedy ever!!!). Such a funny movie.

I don't think that Some Like It Hot should be #1 on the AFI's list of greatest comedies. But, I do think it's funny!

Really it's just Jack Lemmon giving a hilarious performance!

On the other hand, for some strange reason, I have never thought that "BUB" was THAT

Merriam said...

I love His Girl Friday too! Not as much as BUB, but still. Whenever I watch it I want to be a reporter. Movies like that are dangerous.

You are right, Jack Lemmon is the only one who gives a noteworthy performance. I thought Tony Curtis delivered some great lines rather flatly, and Marilyn Monroe was just a straight man.

As for BUB, I think you have to be into silly humor for that one. Or you have to find ditzy, over-the-top characters funny. Me, I have always thought it was hilarious.

Thank you for commenting! You're like the only one who's a regular commentator and it's awfully sweet. :)

Alexis said...

I think Bringing Up Baby deserves it! I LOVE this movie. Nothing like hearing Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant yell "Leopard" over and over! This screwball comedy may have been horrible in the box office-- but has definitely proved itself to be an all time hilarious favorite! I'm sorry I didn't vote, but my vote would have gone to this film!