Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Layout

Today I revamped the layout of this here blog, which you may have noticed has been looking mighty ugly recently since I fiddled with it a few days ago. I'm not quite satisfied with the new look, mainly the header text, but I'm through messing with it for now, so here it is.


Ah, not really, I can't just post a few sentences and disappear, of all things. Actually, I can.

But anyone who reads this thing deserves a purty picture or two now and then:

Beautiful, huh?

Forgive me, please, working on the layout has addled my brain. And staying up till one in the morning last night watching Sweeney Todd has made me very vulnerable to addling.


Millie said...

You are not allowed to make fun of James Dean, Merriam!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha, that was the picture you suggested when we decided you needed a new signature at Miss-Vintage...;-D

Oh, did you see that there's a new message when you go to Miss-Vintage?

And, about your new layout: It's simply marvelous! I love the whole design! It simple, yet eye-catching. I've been attempting to redo my blog too, but I haven't found the background I want yet (I'm very picky!)

And the photo of Grace is one of my favorites!

Sweeney Todd, eh? Tsk, tsk, tsk...;-D

Merriam said...

Since when am I not allowed to make fun of James Dean? I've been doing it for a long time and you haven't seemed to have minded. At least, you didn't quite phrase it that way.

Yes, I remember the picture from Miss Vintage! I saw the new message too, but I'm a bit worried it won't come back ever. I've heard April mention her previous sites and say stuff like "I wish I still had the files." I hope it doesn't but it just might happen to Miss-V too, or the message board might be empty when it comes back. That would be awful. If I ever get the opportunity again, I'm going to print our thread.

Thank you about the layout! Good luck on finding the background! You need it, because yes, you are very picky.

Shabbychicdiva said...

Your page is great! I am looking to follow Classic Hollywood pages and Shabby Chic, would love if you would come join me:-) Have a great day! Winona

Meredith L. Grau said...

Ha, nice photo!!! I heard that Jimmy was sensitive about his poor eyesight. Now I can see why. Geez!

Millie said...

Since forever you have not been allowed to make fun of James Dean! It's been an unspoken rule!

Don't say things like that! You're stressing me out!


Merriam said...

In case you hadn't noticed, this unspoken rule is also and un-followed one.

I know! I am so worried about it. I do not know what I would do without Miss Vintage.

Millie said...

What?!?!? But, you MUST follow my rules! It's the law!

I know seriously! It's such a fun site! I wish I had April's I could put together a petition or something...;-D