Thursday, September 24, 2009

Odd Hair

Some of the most interesting pictures, in my opinion, are those of actresses with their hair dyed a different color...especially when it is a big mistake. Usually this means brunettes who go blonde on a whim and come out looking odd--featureless in some cases, like ducks or other animals in others. Here is a tribute to actresses who change their hair with wigs, dyes, or whatever, and provide us with an interesting spectacle. You should be able to figure out who is who, they are all rather famous, but if you can't, that is rather the point, isn't it? Leave a comment if they're any you're not sure about. I know a couple are quite surprising.


Millie said...


Ava...very bad!

I don't Vivien looked too awful.

Marilyn without the creepy beauty mark wouldn't have looked too bad!

Grace is always gorgeous!

Wow, seeing Natalie blonde, has made me realize how important her hair was to her individuality!

I think Audrey looked beautiful in Ondine!

But, the other one is slightly disconcerting! ;-D

Great post and tons of fun!

P.S. Have you noticed that Miss-Vintage is now

Kate Gabrielle said...

omg, Ava is awful as a blonde!! Ah!

Merriam said...

Thank you! I really do think Ava looks ghastly, poor thing.

@Millie: I think you have been checking Miss Vintage as often as I have. I did notice that, I've also noticed that Lala's site isn't up either. :0(

Millie said...

Oh no!

Kesenya said...

Oh wow - I cant believe your second photo is Gene Tierney - I didnt recognise her at all !! Amazing ! You blog is lovely and a truely interesting read ! Thankyou !

Miss Retro said...

Check out Vintage Life Network. My sites are just as full of vintage and retro. Here is the link