Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Who Had the Nicest Eyes? (Results)

Before I get to the results, let me say that I am so thrilled that I got eight more votes on this poll than the last one; thank you thank you thank you to everyone who voted. I am also pleased that I now have twenty-three followers, what I once thought was a massive number (I know better now), and I would like to thank my readers and particularly my commentators in a special way. It will take a few days (read: at least a week) to get the initial tally done, but after that I will reserve a section of the side pane for whoever the sweet top three commentators are. Here I'll put a link to their blog or website if they have one, a little paragraph about them, and anything else they would prefer. (Don't be shy about saying what you'd like!) Feedback? This being a thank you gesture, it doesn't do any good it the thankees don't like it. Okay, now that that is done with, here are the poll results.

Tied for last place with zero votes: Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift. I think these results are absolutely disgraceful. Millie, I owe you an apology, because apparently the rest of the world does NOT appreciate Monty's eyes. It isn't just you. It should just be you--I have given up all hope of reform--but I did have more faith in the rest of humanity. Remember that Natalie Wood pic spam I threatened? I do believe a Montgomery Clift overload is eminent.

Tied for fourth place with one vote each are Ava Gardner, Elizabeth Taylor, and Vivien Leigh. Ava Gardner I can understand, but considering all the hype Elizabeth Taylor's eyes get, how legendary they are considered, that they are extraordinary can hardly be popular opinion if she gets only one out of eighteen votes. Perhaps classic movie fans are not only out of the mainstream when it comes to their movie preferences, but also when it comes to their classic movie preferences. Anyway, I don't know why Vivien Leigh didn't get more votes. In spite of all my Natalie Wood hyping, she is the one I voted for, and certainly there can be no "too commercialized/publicized" claims about her. Explanations, anyone? It is, however, interesting to note that these three fourth placers fit the mold of the red-lipsticked, porcelain-doll, cat-eyes look of the nineteen fifties backward rather than doe-eyed style of the sixties, which seems to be more popular today.

Tied for third place with two votes each are Natalie Wood and Frank Sinatra. I would say their rather low ranking is because of Sinatra's overrated eyes and Natalie's underrated ones. Which, then, is worse, if it puts both victims in the bronze medal category?

A refreshingly unshared second place goes to Paul Newman with four votes. Totally deserved. The over-publicized=no real fans rule does not seem to apply to people are actually better in real life than the media gives them credit for. Considering this, it is natural that the first place winner should be:

Audrey Hepburn
(7 votes)
She is one of my very favorites, and at this point I am beginning to wonder why I voted for Vivien Leigh after all. Pictures say it better than words any day.

Quite ironically, the person you ended up getting the pic spam of is the one you all did vote for and not the ones you didn't but should've. But hey, I didn't vote for them either.


Millie said...

Yay, I voted for Audrey! Her eyes are so mesmerizing!

But, hey Ava was my second choice (albeit far off in the distance from Audrey)...

...And I am supremely delighted about Montgomery Clift's ranking! Mwhahahahaha! We succeeded! I mean, um, well...

*Psst, guys, the money I promised for your, um, will be mailed directly!*

Anyways, a great poll idea, Merriam!

Amanda Cooper said...

Millie, you didn't say that Merriam would be bitter! I want extra money for my vote or I'm taking this story of corruption straight to the press! : )

Millie said...

You try and do that...and you'll be VERY sorry!


Kate Gabrielle said...

Despite the fact that Millie tried to bribe me to vote for Audrey, I actually voted for Natalie Wood-- almost entirely based on the pictures you posted in the original poll. Her eyes were the best of the bunch :) I'm a BIG Sinatra fan, though, so I felt kind of guilty not giving my vote to ol' blue eyes. Anyone whose nickname pays tribute to their eyes should rank pretty high in a "best eyes" poll :)

Anonymous said...

Audrey's eyes were amazing. But like Millie, I have to say that Ava's eyes too were extraordinary. There was just something so exotic about hers.

A fan once told Audrey that she had the most beautiful eyes in the world, to which Audrey replied: "the best eye make-up, maybe."

Personally, I agree with the fan. :)

Merriam said...

Oh, I am quite relieved. It isn't that you all don't appreciate Montgomery Clift's eyes, your just greedy and corrupt! My faith in humanity is restored.

Thank you for the comments! Ava did have nice eyes, certainly, but I get the feeling she isn't liked enough to hold up against adored people like Audrey Hepburn who have very, very beautiful eyes. She won't get many loyalty votes.

Millie said...

Geez, Kate! Just go welch on the deal and then squeal about it! Seriously!

Merriam: You are slightly misguided! See they think Montgomery's ugly AND they are greedy and corrupt. That's what the truth is.

I, on the other hand...just think he's ugly!

Amanda Cooper said...


1) I don't think that Montgomery was TOO ugly (more on the bordering homely side), so don't put words in my mouth!

2) I AM greedy and corrupt! Whether you had bribed me or not, I would've voted for Sinatra anyway, so I let you think you had the whole thing fixed! In the end, you're a few bucks poorer, I'm a few richer, and you didn't have to give out any money in the first place! Mwahahaha!

(This is the part where you say, "Curses! Foiled again!")

Merriam said...

This is the part where I say, "Dear Lord, the people who read this blog are cuckoo."

Not the person who writes it of course, I happen to be perfectly sane. But you all know that already.

Amanda Cooper said...

Yes, but where's the fun in sanity?

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Ok, Audrey is pretty fabulous.

Part of the Wallpaper said...

Audrey has the most beautiful eyes, so gentle and full of emotion :)