Sunday, January 17, 2010

Harley's 19!!

Today, January 17th, is Harley's birthday. In case you do not know Harley, I shall try to correct this situation immediately. Her blog is called Dreaming in Black and White, and it's one of the better "young people" classic movie blogs out there. But enough about that. I just want to wish Harley a very happy birthday! So happy birthday! She's really a doll.

Harley, the best birthday present I can give to you is a picspam of your new favorite actress, Gene Tierney. Not much of a present because I'll probably enjoy it more than anybody. But anyway.


Happy Birthday :)

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Anonymous said...

Merriam, you're marvelous. Really you are. This was so sweet; gah, you guys are all so wonderful! I've never even seen some of these pictures of Gene, so thank you really from the bottom of my heart! This was so sweet and really means a lot!!!! xoxo