Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's Summer

Yeah, it's summertime. That means a lot of boredom. Boredom means making a list of things summer means.
  1. 127 degree heat where I live. I am now prepared to face hell.
  2. Getting addicted to Facebook. (Well, honestly I was addicted long before summer...I've just gotten worse.)
  3. Wearing a hat and feeling awesome.
  4. Wearing a bathing suit and feeling embarrassed.
  5. Wishful and usually unfulfilled dreams of going back to school ten pounds lighter and ten times prettier.
  6. Staying up till two in the morning and justifying it by saying it will keep you from being jet-lagged when you travel.
  7. Being so unused to getting up before noon you become convinced your alarm clock is not playing music but is in fact yelling insults at you when it rings at eight AM.
  8. Missing special people. :(
What does summer mean to YOU?

P.S. About the future of the blog...I'm still not sure. I'm taking you guys' suggestions to heart, but I'm thinking I want to change the subject of the blog because my own interests have changed. Of course I still love old movies, but it's just not the same. The problem is, said interests haven't changed to anything else yet that is blog-able or related to the title. I think I can promise you I'm not going to abandon Bygone Brilliance, but I can offer no guarantees as to what it will turn into. I would ask your advice again, but I can't. I mean, I could ask you, "Tell me, what am I interested in?" but I would be seriously creeped out if you could answer.


Millie said...

I'm with you on all these points...except that scary hot weather (stays moderately cool/warm here in WA)!


Well, I can answer. I KNOW you've become fascinated with the cheese-making process as of late! That would make for some interesting blog posts! GO FOR IT!

The fascination with building scare-crows is just creepy though. I do not recommend blogging about that!

Merriam said...

Fascinated by the cheese-making process? That is, erm, *cough*newstome*cough*.

OMG. How did you know about the scarecrows???

Millie said...

Merriam, DON'T LIE TO ME! You have totally started making cheese yourself!


^IDK, but this sounds so creepy!

Merriam, I know EVERYTHING about you. Don't try to hide from me. ;-D

Kate said...

To me summer means really hot weather, bugs, not being able to wear my favorite winter coats, sweat ruining my ladylike facade, and the early-rising-sun ruining my nocturnal habits...

Now, I am thrilled that you want to keep blogging but Millie has totally missed the real problem at hand. I think we need to revive your interest in classic films, STAT! Classic movie worship is already a religion, and you have already promised yourself to the altar of Paul Newman and Grace Kelly!

Millie said...

This is true, Kate!

I think we need to invite Merriam to a movie chat soon! Heh heh heh, maybe Zorro or something?! ;-D

Just kidding! But, seriously! SOMETHING DANA! :-D Like, Laura! I LOVE LAURA!

Merriam said...

LOL ^^That would be fun :) Thanks guys for the comments <3

@Kate: You do have a point. You know, I went and married Paul, took quiiiite a lot of trouble to do it too, so I can't abandon him like this. And I know what you mean about the winter coats. I have the same problem with sweaters. But I still wear them.

@Millie: EVERYTHING you say to me sounds creepy! Your comments here are the tip of the iceberg! Hmmmm, if not the scarecrows, how about the garden rakes?

Millie said...

Hehehe! I'm an expert Creeper!

Ehhhh, still not holding my attention!

The Kid In The Front Row said...

127 degrees, jeeez! i can't even begin to imagine what that's like!

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