Sunday, June 20, 2010


I am afraid this blog has a bad case of Refocus or Die. I don't really want to stop blogging, but if I do not come up with some way to freshen up Bygone Brilliance, I will. I don't see the point in keeping a blog if I'm going to write one sad little post every two months when the guilt gets to me. I guess I'm the type of person who likes change, so I'm asking you people out there for some suggestions. Do you have any ideas for how I can slightly change the topic of Bygone Brilliance or the format or just something? I'll be very appreciative of anything you have to say. If I didn't have any followers, I would stop blogging without giving it a second thought. <3 Thank you for just existing.


Sally said...

Personally, I don't think you need to find a focus, as in one single focus. I suggest finding the 5-10 things you enjoy talking about the most in regards to old movies and then go on from there. Browsing through your history, I noticed that you like talking about features (noses, eyes, etc.) which is very interesting and, I think, you should keep talking about them. I only suggest this method because that's what helped me refocus my blog. I decided on two or three subjects I could dedicate myself to and then branched out from there. I hope it helps! Keep blogging! You're terrific!

Sarah said...

^I agree!
I think the features thing would be very cool, because who doesn't love to point out pretty things in pretty people?
I just came back from a little blogging vacation, and I've learned to just write whatever the corn I want and if anyone says anything they DIE.
Just kidding ;)
But seriously, write whatEVER you want. It's very liberating!

Millie said...

Totally agree with Sally and Sarah. (I sound so intelligent that way!)

SERIOUSLY! Talk about anything! I would read it if you just wrote down the phone your amazing and hilarious and clever way!

Each post doesn't have to be some huge thing! They could be small features or just quick comments about a movie you just watched!

You are literally so amazing, that you make everything interesting! :-D

I'm glad you're back! I'VE TOTALLY MISSED YOU! :-D

Merriam said...

Well gee, thanks a lot guys :) I really appreciate the encouragement and the suggestions. You people are awesome. I think I'll take your advice too, but I hope you know what you said means you are never, ever getting a proper post from me ever again. Just so you know. :) Thank you so much again.

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