Monday, January 25, 2010

Dedicated to Millie: The Post a Day Project

 Millie has been after me to start posting more and, as I always say, a post a day keeps her temper at bay. So, I have decided that for the next three weeks, I shall post every single day. Even if it kills me, which is not that unlikely, considering the rate my brain is used to thinking up post-worthy material. But it really shouldn't be that difficult because I'll be on vacation these next three weeks--but if I miss a day, you'll get two posts the next day, guaranteed. But if I can't stick to this now, there will never be a more ideal time. Another advantage of doing this now is that my brother, the dear, dear boy who hacked into my Facebook and changed my name to "Ratso", will be taking a trip without a computer. He will therefore be unable to glance at my blog, cackle like a hyena, and send people in my family emails with links to it saying, "look wut weezul does online !!" It does get a bit tiresome after a while. Oh, I will miss him dreadfully.

This post is dedicated to Millie for a reason other than that her nagging pleasant encouragement is the cause of it. She has got to be the world's sweetest advertiser! She even did a post about my last post! (Thank you!) I mean, what have I ever done for her that was half so nice, except get into an argument with her about James Dean and threaten to steal her husband? Honestly, why is she even still speaking to me?? Ah, the mystery that is Millie. I must emphatically state, however, that this post is dedicated to her in spite of and not because of her recent comments about my upcoming marriage to Jimmy Dean. Don't lose too much sleep over insulting me though, Millie. I understand what jealousy can do, and you never could keep your mouth shut, could you?

To add something a little more useful to this post, I feel like changing the blog header, but you since you all read the blog, you can vote on it this time. Now, some of these options are not definite, as in they may have to be tweaked slightly to fit and that sort of thing, but I will say the final header shall at least bear a great resemblance to the winning photo.

The Contestants:







You have three weeks to vote on the poll!


BaronessVonVintage said...

LOVE the first one!!!

Sarah said...

I'd save #2 for the summer!
I love #5, but I think Paul's adorableness wins at #6! :D

Kate Gabrielle said...

I vote for #1, it's perfect! :-D

YAY for more posts!!! Just more proof that Millie's persistence does pay off! :)

Millie said...

Oh my gosh! This post BEYOND made my day! Thanks doll!

But, REALLY, I must set a couple things straight. You will NOT steal Dana from me, and YOU are NOT marrying James Dean we were texting back and forth yesterday and he was emphatic in his dislike of you!

Oh, BTW, I vote for #3....;-D

But, really thanks so much for this post! You are one of my most favorite, favorite, favorite bloggers/people EVER!!!!! :-D